Sunday, July 14, 2013

May 7, 2013

I am doing well today. We went to a place named Mico's and it is a waterfall. They were selling hammocks really cheap so I decided to buy one. Well I guess today has been a day of sovenuir buying because I also bought an obsidian shark tooth looking stone.
This past week was pretty hard for me, all of our lessons kept on falling through day after day. But the exciting thing is that we have a baptism this week and it will be the first one that we have and the first in our 2 changes here in the Lomas de Vergel Ward.

Life is pretty awesome as a missionary, the only down side is that I am eating too much and don't have the time I usually had to exercise, and the food here is really good and at times doesn't feel filling untill you've eaten too much. I have learned from my mistakes and am now trying to not become fat, which I guess is my fear that I have on my misiĆ³n. Other missionaries have said that its just going to happen and that we will have time to get back into shape when we get back home. Hopefully I won't have to but we will see what happens.
Sundays are always amazing. This Sunday was fast sunday and one of our investigator's children bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon and it was very powerful. It is amazing how people can change their lives and receive so much power through Christ.
I hope everyone is doing well and that everyone is having fun and is staying safe.
Keep strong and know He is with you,
Elder Holladay

Waterfall at Mico's

Sunset while walking