Thursday, May 2, 2013

March 25, 2013

This week was an interesting one. Since we went to Tampico for training it took a big chunk out of our schedule for teaching and planning, but I beleive it was worth it.  I am not sure how to explain how or what it was, but essentially it was a meeting of how we can become better missionaries, and if we had any questions we had a chance to ask. Then we reveiw of the misión rules.  I am not sure of the mileage we travelled to get there. Only the new missionaries and their trainers came this time.
To update you on where exactly I am, I am in an entirely different state, in San Luis Potosi in Ciudad Valles, and my área is called Lomas de Vergel. We work around Col. Centro and it is the center of our área.
And to update you on how I am going to hear Genereal Conference, I am going to go to the church on April 6 & 7 and listen to the conferences there. They have a room set up especially for English speakers, which is nice. My companion, Elder Domínguez, will be joining me because he knows a little English and wants to learn more during Conference.
Sounds like everyone is having a great missionary month! The only sisters I have seen here so far have been natives to Mexico. This might change with the increase of missionaries, but I have no idea at this moment.
Thank you for your spiritual notes and sending them to me. They make my day brighter.
I would like to share a few experiences I have had in the last week. This week's personal study has taken me through the first 20 chapters in Alma. A few things that have stuck with me and those that I have written down are:
1) Alma 11 - Never deny Christ, especially for worldly gain.
2) Alma 13:28-30 - A good way to endure to the end.
3) Always try more try more than once to touch the hearts of the people you love with the gospel. It will take time.
4) Always stand up for what you believe in, fear God more than Man, God will protect you and/or give you strength.
Thank you for the support and the love!
I love you and pray for you always, Have a great week!
Elder Holladay

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