Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 8, 2013

I loved General Conference. My companion, Elder Dominguez, suggested that I write a few personal questions I had, and so I did. They were answered one by one. They also helped me stay focused throughout all the sessions of conference. Maybe the family can try it next time and see what happens.
Thank you for your notes you have taken. I have basicly taken notes of the same things with addition to that we need not fear for God is always near, and that we need to be worthy to hold up Christ so that we can be a light unto all in this stormy time with darkness all around.
I never go hungry, so I believe I get enough to eat. Here they eat with forks and spoons as well but always have tortillas on the side. Sometimes the people we visit will give us fruit for our journey. For cereals I buy something that is similar to frosted flakes and cheerios; I cut a whole banana up and eat it with my cereal. All cereal is already prepared and boxed and some of the companies, like kelloggs, etc. are here as well. I believe bananas are grown here, as well as many other fruits and vegetables that are sold in the market daily here. 

For study time on preparation days, it depends on what the zone has planned for us. If we are to meet early in the day instead of later in the day, we don't have as much time to study, but we have enough to read a good amount in the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel.
The best place to send me mail is to the mission office because the addresses here are crazy and it is sometimes impossible to find contacts here. If sent to the mission office, the mail will be sent to the zone leader and then to me when they get a chance.
The best gospel discussion I had this last week was with my companion when we were teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it applies to our lives. Faith is not only a belief, it is an action. If we act and want to be better people, we will repent and become more like Christ. In order to become like Christ we need to follow in his footsteps and be baptized. Once we are baptized we will receive the Holy Ghost and have guidance throughout this life. With the Holy Ghost we will test the doctrine and know it is true through our faith, and it is a repeating cycle to endure to the end so we can receive Eternal Life, the greatest gift of God.
While reading the scriptures this week I was reading in Alma chapters 44 - 49. The notes I took from them:
-If we call upon God in our trials He will strengthen us. We need to cry upon Him every day so He will be fast to hear our prayers.
-Be like Moroni and raise your Title of Liberty (Beliefs) and stand up for them. Dont be afraid to defend them and never forget the Lord your God.
-Always reapair and rebuild your fortifications against Satan daily (Moroni built and repaired city walls to protect the people from the Laminites) through scripture study and sincire prayer. Be prepared to battle temptations.
Keep safe and know that God loves you, and I do as well.
Elder Holladay

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