Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 22, 2013

I am doing fantastic. In the misión we are focusing on less actives with children who aren't baptized yet so that they will come back and bring their children into the fold as well.
The people in Mexico are truly amazing and loving, kind, and humble. They are also very patient, especially with me and my Spanish. I can speak well, but sometimes my grammer is off or I have to explain something the long way because I don't know the correct word for it. It's fun stuff. All of our teaching has been very spiritual, but sometimes our investigators forget to do the small and simple things to bring them to Christ, and in return they become confused and don't want to do anything with the church until they receive physical evidence of the correctness. This is sometimes hard to deal with, but every time this happens the spirit testifies and is strong as we explain the doctrine, testify, and make promises with them.

We need to do those things that will strenghten our testimonies, because if we falter even a little we will be barraged with waves of temptation. That is why we need to know how the spirit works in our lives so we can continue to learn and grow spiritually until the seed of faith has grown into the tree of life.

My favorite lesson to teach is the second when we teach about the plan of salvation and our oppurtunity to live with God again. The spirit is also very powerful during the first visión with new investigators.

My clothing is holding up okay. The only reason I have requested some new things around next year is because of a suggestion by other missionaries here. Their shirts became a little bit yellow. I am saving a few shirts, pants, garments and socks for my halfway point.
My companion was in the CCM of Mexico and he is truly amazing. He is a hard worker and a rule keeper, which I like.
To my friends and extended family: Please feel free to send letters through since I don't have much time on the internet. Thank you!
Thanks for everything and have a great week!
Elder Holladay

Picture of our area.

Sunset while walking.

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