Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 1, 2013

Easter day was amazing. I love Sundays. This Sunday was amazing because Elder Domínguez and I were able to talk to the ward about missionary work and how the members can help us. It is actually better for members to help recent converts because the missionaries will not always be here and lessons without missionaries and giving them assingments so they feel important. Also, I decided I needed to start fasting more for my desires to come to pass, just like Ammon and other missionaries who fasted much and prayed much. When reading in Alma the other day, that after many days of fasting and prayer the Lord answered the prayers of Ammon according to his desires, I desired to do the same.
Typical day:
6:30 - Awake & exercise
7:00 - Get Ready -Eat breakfast & boil water for shower. ( Bowl of cereal with banana)
7:30 - Shower
8:00 - Start personal study
9:00 - Start companion study
11:00 - Start language study
12:00 - Leave and start proselyting
2:00 - Lunch break with member
3:00 - Start proselyting again
9:00 - In apartment preparing to report numbers, updating the área book, planning for the next day
9:30 - Report numbers and finish up planning
10:00 - Finish everything, grab something to eat if we have time, prepare for bed and write in our journals
10:30 - Sleep
We walk all the time except when we need to go to Tampaya and there is a bus that is going there. If not, we will walk there as well. If we are late for an appoinment or carrying a lot of things that we bought from the store we will take a taxi (at least once a week).

The other week it was about 104° F and it was like a party running in the sunlight and walking in the shade. Also when riding buses it reminds me of when I was a little kid riding the bus to school.
As for food, I will attach a picture of some food we learned to make at a members house, but usually we have no time to make food.
My most spiritual moment this week was when I was rereading my partriarchial blessing and thinking of some of my friends who were part of the church but have fallen away and that I am here to help the friends of other  people and bringing them back into the fold. Also, whenever I testify of something the Lord always fills my mouth with fluidity and I am able to say the things of my heart.
Elder Holladay

Food we learned to make at a member's house.

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