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Zona Valles - February 25, 2013

lunes, el 25 de febrero, 2013

Dear Mom,

Today has been pretty amazing. We met as a zone, talked about goals and how we are doing and how we can better ourselves, then had a giant water ballon toss with towels.

This week has been one of my hardest weeks, but I love it. The last three days (Friday to Sunday) our appointments were dropped, or the people who we were supposed to teach and meet with either weren't there or didn't want to meet with us. It gave us the oppurtunity to search out inactive members and contact references and that is what we did. It was hard work and our feet hurt after the day but our spirits were full of joy.

My companion is from Chihuahua Mexico, a little North of Mexico City near the border.
Our new area is directly West from Tampico. Its a city area and around it are lots of heat stricken trees, bushes and lakes, and as the name suggests, it is hilly. I love it, it gives us a good workout all the day long. It reminds me of Pennsylvannia if you turn up the degrees a little.

Our last area in Miramar Tampico we lived in a two story house above another family who wasn't from the church but loved the missionaries. Here we are the front house of a bunch of houses squished together.
We do not have hot water, but to get some we boil water on the stove and then use the cold water and put both into a big bucket to cool it down enough to use to have a bird bath. It is pretty awesome. Almost reminds me of when I used to take baths when I was little.

For food, we buy enough food for a week, have lunch at members homes and then depending on who we visit they will either give us dinner or we will go home and eat. We usually do the latter because everyone has dinner around 9.

We have a washing machine here and we have the sun and a clothes line to dry. Personally I think that is the best way because if you hang your clothes correctly you can decrease the amount you have to iron.
Our teaching experiences from this week have been pretty amazing. One experience I will share is we met with a person who usually doesn't pray and doesn't want to come to church. She talked with us about how we should worship Mary and other saints from the Catholic church. We essentailly stated that we don't worship other people because God commanded us to worship one God, and we bore testimony that God is the only one who answers our prayers and sends the Holy Ghost to answer our prayers. She prayed with us and asked to feel the Holy Ghost like we talked about, and it was strong.

During this week's personaly study, I was reading in 2 Nephi 31 & 32 and I really liked it because it had a special spirit to it. It is litereally the Doctrine of Christ and why we should follow it. It is the only way back to live with God again.

I pray for everyone and hope they feel the Lord's love and see His hand in their lives.

I love everyone and hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Holladay

Meal from members: beans, rice, meat, and cucumbers 

A coconut tree by the house of one of the members

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