Friday, February 8, 2013

January 2013 Update

el 31 de enero 2013 (email)

Hey Mom,
We are not being reassinged because they forget to put our names in but our names are being put into the consulate probably next week. I will keep you updated
Elder Holladay


el 28 de enero 2013 - 5:09pm (email)

Dear Mom,

We receive our reassignments Thursday and then we will leave either 6 hours from then or sometime the next week.

Have a great week!

Elder Holladay


el 28 de enero 2013 - 10:10am (email)

Dear Family,
I am not heading out for Mexico today because our district did not receive visas and in fact no one is going to Mexico  because of visa problems. We are receiving reassingments this Thursday and I will have a chance to call to update you then.
Thank you dad for sending me the steripen. It will be a blessing not drinking or using water that is non-potable.
We had some fun weather here the past few days. On Saturday there was a dense fog here and you couldn't see 50ft in front of you, that was when we were running to the gym. After gym the fog lifted a little bit so you could see 100ft. Yesterday it was a little foggy in the morning and then it started to rain. We thought it was going to get warmer because the snow was melting as well. After dinner though it started snowing and hasn't stopped yet. It sounds like the weather over there is pretty exciting as well.
The stomache flu has started here again and we are not allowed to shake hands again, which is fine with me. I liked using my elbows during the first sickness and it's almost a habit now. Lots of people from our zone were sick but they have since recovered.
Since we were supposed to be leaving today we have been realesed as zone leaders. I'm guessing the Hermanas at the Peru CCM are probably in the field doing missionary work, which is awesome. At the moment there are 3 districts in our zone, we are receiving another one this week and two elders are moving in with us. There is almost no room in the MTC for new missionaries, its crazy how many come in each week.
This Sunday our district sang "Oh how lovely was the morning" starting out in English and then switching to Spanish every other verse. The first verse started with me singing, then after a phrase another elder, and then another until after 6 phrases all of us sang together. After that I switched to bass to give it variety and then went from there increasing and decreasing volume depending on the verse. The last one needed to be the loudest because it had the most powerful message, especially in EspaƱol.
Hope everyone is doing alright and having fun.
Keep up the good work!
Elder Holladay


el 25 de diciembre 2012, el 7 de enero 2013, el 14 de enero 2013 (letter)

Spanish is coming pretty well. I can teach investigators basic things and bear my testimony, which is good. My tongue is so lazy I can only vibrate it. I'm sure it will come some day when I can roll my R's.

The Hermanas dispersed to Peru last week on Tuesday. We received a new district last Wednesday and receive another one this Wednesday as well. As for choir, our schedule only allows us to sing on Sunday during practice, which is fine for us. We have class during their practice on Tuesdays.

The way to get Mexican visas has changed and we re-signed our visa paperwork three weeks ago, so we are hoping they come soon. I have been fasting every Sunday and this Wednesday we are fasting as a District.

Hope everything is going well.

Elder Holladay

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