Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Tampico (Miramar) to Zona Valles (Lomas de Vergel)

martes, el 19 de febrero, 2013

Hey Everybody,

I have a few minutes today to send a quick email to update everyone where I am and who I am with in my new area.

I am with Elder Dominguez and we are in the Lomas de Vergel area in the Zona Valles.  We are assigned to the central part of this city, and it is pretty awesome.

Oh, and to update on Dad's question of new things, I forgot to say that there are crocodiles, iguanas, parrots and really loud roosters.

Here are some pictures. If you want a specific picture of something, I will try and take one and send it when I can.

Have a great week!
Elder Holladay

Elder Holladay near the Tampico Mexico Temple

Native vegetation


lunes, el 18 de febrero, 2013

Dear Family,

My first week in Mexico was truly amazing. The weather is warm during the day, moderate in the afternoon and can sometimes get really cold during the night. Yesterday was the only day that it rained but it has been cloudy the other days. It started raining yesterday starting at 5:10. It wasn't a hard rain, but it was a nice sprinkling to keep the dust down band not too much to get too muddy. It almost feels like North Carolina humidity-wise and temperature-wise.

Church is amazing here. It is a little bit different but I love it. Missionaries get the opportunity to teach the Principles of the Gospel class and I was able to talk about when we should pray and with whom in Español. It was truly a miracle.

I have seen a lot of the city and some of the outlyng parts as well. We live in Miramar but other than that I have no idea where all the other parts of the city are.

There are many different types of architecture here, and the bridge does have a European look to it. There are many lakes around but we don't go near any of them because the warning signs of crocodiles. There are a lot of different plants here, I need to take more pictures of them and send them to you. As for the animals, the only difference from America is that there are a lot of strays. There are also many horses just wondering around the city eating plants and such.The fruit here is fresh daily and when they aren't used that day they are made in agua. I found out that there is a difference from agua and fresca, agua is water and is usually combined with fruit juice for concentrate that makes really a good tasting drink. With fresca, it literally is soda bought from the store.

This week I have been working with Elder Oliveros and Elder Vargas and they are truly amazing. I have been teaching them English and they have been helping me with my Español, but I still need a lot of work. I understand most of the words being said but when attempting to conjugate and put them into a sentence so I can understand what they are saying I get confused, which is good. I need to be confused to learn better and to push me to become the best I can.

I am being transfered today, not sure where and with whom, but I will keep you updated as much as I can.

Hope everyone is doing well. 

Elder Holladay

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