Friday, February 8, 2013

Final Week at the MTC

el 5 de febrero 2013 (email)

Hey Mom,
I have a quick moment to email people and to say that we are going to the consulate tomorrow to sign our visas tomorrow and probably going to Mexico the following week if it is the will of God.

Have an amazing day,
Elder Holladay


el 4 de febrero 2013 (email)

Hey Mom,
So with our district, there are three Elders going to another mission and two others and I are going to Tampico, or that is our assigned mission. The other three were put into reassignments but we were not. Those Elders leave this week and our names were put into the Mexican Consulate so we can get our visas. Depending on how everything works out, we will either stay here until we get our visas or be put into reassignments until we get our visas. Either way, or another way, it is the will of God and everything will work out in the end.
Personally, I believe we are in the MTC to help someone or we are waiting till our investigators are being spiritually prepared or something else the Lord has in mind for us.
A few quick thoughts before I disperse for a while:
We need to look for the gospel of Jesus Christ in everything. The weather here last week was pretty awesome.
Saturday morning it was foggy and you couldn't see 50ft in front of you, you saw enough to take another step after another step. It is exactly like revelation most of the time, God gives us enough sight to follow the path He has put us on so that we wil rely on Him for further light and knowledge.
The evening it started to rain. This has two symbolisims; He is sad when we go off the path and choose wrongly. It is also repentance as it clears up our fears, worries, and pains.
Lastly, it snowed that night. He is happy when we become humble enough to repent and come to Him.
I hope everyone is doing well and having fun,
Elder Holladay

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