Monday, January 7, 2013

MTC week #6

el 7 de enero de 2013

Dear Mom,

This last week I feel ill to the Flu I believe with a mix of food poisoning. I am better now, but this trial has shown me that I am nothing without God and with God I can do anything.

Since I don't have tons of time anymore to write letters, I would like to thank the following people through the blog or by other means:
Elder Bartschi's Parents & Family for: Pound of Reese's Cups, a pink HotWheels car, chocolate coins, Beef Jerkey, a shoe horn, mints, candy cane, lint brush and a Mexican Flag.
Grandma & Grandpa Wells for: Summer Sausage, cheese, crackers, and Christmas card.
Winsor's for: Christmas Card
Holladay's for: Gloves, Jolly Rancher Cane, Hershey Snap-apart snowman, mini lint rollers, cookies, Mint Chocolate M&M's, Hershey Santa, Reese's Christmas Tree, and a bag for a stocking.
Grandma Holladay and Great-Grandma Honey for: supporting my mission.

I would like to challenge everyone to have a testimony of Joseph Smith and what he and the pioneers have done for us.  If it wasn't for them and their perserverance we wouldn't be here.

Also, I want to challenge everyone to be aware of casualness in the church. There was a study out that said if we take things serious we act more formal. We need to be formal in our church callings and activities. It is a problem even with missionaries. Sometimes we forget to do the small and simple things and the spirit isn't as strong and we start to be less obedient. So my challenge is to remember to do the small and simple things. Small things bring to pass great things.

I hope everyone had great Holidays!

Stay strong and remember the small and simple things.

Elder Holladay

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