Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1st Email from the MTC

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Mom and Family,

I am doing pretty amazing.  DearElder.com is an amazing way to contact me. Please tell everyone that if they would like to contact me while I am in the MTC to do it by DearElder.com.

My first day here at the MTC was awesome.  In our first class we learned common sayings in Spanish and introduced ourselves, saying where were lived and what mission we are going to. The meals here are pretty good. My first meal here consisted of mashed potatoes with gravy, carrots, some type of meat, an apple, and a glass of milk. They give you energy that lasts throughout the day but you have to run it off.  My MTC companion is Elder Bartschi and he is truly amazing.  His Spanish skills are top notch, and his desire to learn more Spanish has increased my desire as well.  We dove right into trying not to say anything in English.  I still need to work on writing everything in Spanish.  Elder Bartschi and I are both going to the Tampico Mexico mission which is exiting.  I have been given the privilege to be District Leader of our district here in the MTC.  It is truly a blessing to serve everyone.

A district is essentially a class of people where they are learning the same language.

Our first investigator that we have had here was Pamela.  She is a teacher here to help us learn, but the way we teach will help us in the field of labor in the future.

Mondays are my P-Days here so you will receive an email then.

A miracle I have witnessed while being District Leader is the Gift of Tounges.  The first few days we were all struggling to understand and speak Spanish.  On the fourth day however, when we went to go teach Pamela for our second time we began to understand what she was saying and what we should say to help her.  Even in class we are learning so much that when we look back and think about it we wonder how we do it.  We do it by the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he is sent by our Father in Heaven.  He wants us to do our best and he is willing to help.

Another miracle I have witnessed is how the Spirit testifies to the investigator of the truth even though the investigator is having to listen to our child-like Spanish.  The lesson will not appeal to the investigator unless there is a spirit there to help the investigator feel good inside.  They may not even remember what was taught that day but they will always remember how they felt.

I hope that everyone is doing well and is keeping strong.